Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines

There are two ways to submit a paper to the conference, please choose only one option and send your paper to a specific session OR to the general call for papers, not both.

1)   Submitting a paper abstract to a specific session:

First sessions organizers will submit their session proposals and consequently, following their acceptance the session organizers will announce their accepted CfA/P both independently and at our websites. Interested participants will be able to send their abstracts, as well as all required information, directly to the session organizers. List of the accepted sessions will be also (it is too soon now) provided here.

2)   Submitting a paper abstract as a response to a general CfA directly to the organizing committee (not to a specific session):

For this option, please read the general call for abstracts.

  • Abstracts of max 250 words, as well as your name(s), affiliation(s) (optional) and/or scholarly interests (described by a max. of 5 keywords) and contact details, should be sent through the following link before April 15th, 2019.
  • Please be aware that virtual presentations (e.g. via Skype) will not be possible for abstract submissions in the general call.
  • Each presenter will be given a 15 + 5 min slot to present and answer questions.
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