Coming to the conference with your children

Coming to the conference with your children


The conference organizers will provide a full-time (September 26th-28th at the time of the organized program), professionally managed and staffed onsite childcare services. The childcare services will be provided by professional organization Beebi ( which will design and run a children’s play area in separate room in the conference venue building.

The children’s play area will offer age-appropriate activities for children of all age (from newborns) with a customized program, including children’s contests and activities based on the children’s ages such as hands-on, creative activities, active games, and more. A professional babysitter will be provided for each child aged up to 18 months and for each group of no more than 5 older children.

The organizers strive to be able to cover the costs for childcare services, however, the financial management is based on the number of children involved and possibilities of conference budget. Therefore, it is possible that organizers will ask interested parents to cover part of the costs. Interested parents will be informed in advance.

The registration for childcare services is open until the end of April. We ask interested parents to contact organizers via email (subject – “childcare request + name”) with information about their interest in childcare services during the conference and specify number of children, their age, language preference (English, German, French or Russian) and days at which they will use the childcare services.

Prague for kids

There are many activities for kids as well as child-friendly places around Prague. Here are some tips:

Prague Zoo

In a competition of hundreds of top zoos from all over the world, Prague Zoo reached the Top Five. It is located on the northern outskirts of Prague and besides animals you can find there a miniature cable car and a big play area.

SeaWorld Prague

The largest sea aquarium in the Czechia offers a series of regular events for visitors – feeding demonstrations, night tours, opportunity to experience what it is like to be a nurse for sea animals. Its largest reservoir, which is inhabited by sharks, has a volume of 100,000 litres of seawater.

Lego Museum

In the world´s biggest LEGO museum you can see more than 2500 models divided in 20 theme parts. Your kids will like a play area at the end where they can build stuff from Lego.

Museum of Senses

The Museum of Senses offers over 50 different exhibits placed in different ecosystems where you will learn a lot about your perception, sound vibrations, touch, smell, the human brain and science.

Railroad Kingdom

The greatest model railway in Czechia offers a unique view of a model landscape with a railway network and many specialities. The models go, light up, open, respond to the change in day and night cycle and some are adjusted so that you could operate them. You can also see there a unique model of Prague in the scale of 1:1000,

Children’s Island

The island is a great place to take your kids in Prague on a sunny day. It is located in the vicinity of the Smíchov area and it is easy to get to. There is a large fenced playground, which has only one entrance for the safety of your children and it features a wide range of fun, such as swings, climbing nets, slides, wooden houses, sandpits, wooden boats, and lots and lots of other opportunities for fun. There is also a big lock where you and your children can watch the boats move through the river.

Other parks and playgrounds

The nearest playground is at Výtoň about 5 minutes’ walk from Albertov campus, however there are safe and well-designed playgrounds all over the city. If you want to find a playground close to your accommodation or other activities we recommend to use this map. Unfortunately it is in Czech but address and photographs do not need translation.

Other tips and useful information for people who visit Prague with kids can be found here or here. If you would like to go to a restaurant here you can find a list of child-friendly restaurants in Prague.

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